"It seems like a dream, but it's real." ... The Kindra Rigby Story
Times were very hard growing up in the Bahamas as she witnessed her Aunt work hard at two jobs to provide for nine children. Things were very tight and hard to come by. Kindra attended school in the Bahamas and since she was eight or nine years old, she dreamed of being a nurse... more...
New CD - "Felicia Moss"

New CD's - "THE PRIZE" - Ashtronomix!!!!

Convicted -"You're Not Ready"

Cosmos Gospel -"Like Heaven"
Trinity Park Productions was created in 2004 by long-time friends and co-writers Gregory Ayers and Valerie Fullilove.  Gregory is an artist, musician, composer, song writer and producer.  Valerie is a song writer, playwrite, screenplay writer and producer.  The common thread between these two is their desire to create encouraging and uplifting material inspired by their love of the Lord!
Valerie Fullilove, CEO - Bio
Gregory K. Ayers, President - Bio
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“When you take your eyes off the promises of God, your eyes are blinded by the problems of life!"


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